Friday, June 23, 2006

A few changes

Well I've been tinkering with the site a bit lately. I've found some cool Flickr related web tools and have tried to incorporate them into the site. First of all, I've added an Archive and Slideshow option for viewing the entire photo collection. I've added these items as separate posts and backdated them so they don't appear near in the middle of the site. Links are provided on the sidebar. They just duplicate what is available at the Flickr page, so they are not really that new.

A Bit About This Photoblog Workflow & Raison d'etre:

Basically, I've been trying to see how much I can push the envelope with a "free" photoblog page. I upload every picture to my Flickr account and add it to a private, "Pending" photo set. When I want to post something to The-Camera-Eye photoblog (the thing you are reading) I make the photo public within Flickr, move it to the "The-Camera-Eye" photo set, and then use the "Blog This" function to post it. I also update the default size of the image to make it a bit bigger by editing the blog posting. I also add a tag to each image I add to The-Camera-Eye.

So far, since I don't really publish that many photos, I think this has worked out. The whole thing is just an experiment anyway - an excuse to try to improve my photography. Still, I would love to have the skills and motivation (and time) to produce something like A Daily Dose of Imagery or Chromasia or any of the other beautifully put together photoblogs out there. I just can't see myself spending a lot of money for web hosting, trying to learn Movable Type or some other webblogging software, or finding the time and energy to post photos on a daily basis.

For now, I'll continue to tweak this site and try to stay motivated.

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